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Key Information

How can I ensure that my company’s perspectives are heard and considered in the development of U.S. and Brazilian requirements and policies that could affect my business?

  • By commenting on Brazilian notifications and sending an email to the Brazil Enquiry point for the WTO TBT Agreement. Brazilian notifications can be commented on by exporters. These comments can be suggestions, a request to extend the deadline for comments, explanations or complaints: any and all observations are important in order to avoid the creation of technical barriers to exports.

    Emails can be sent to the following address:

  • By participating in committees responsible for preparing technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures and by contacting the 25 government entities.

    . Conformity Assessment of other government agencies.

  • By monitoring the announcements made by the ABNT National Consultations. Participation in the process of preparing Brazilian Standards is open to any interested parties and can be done in several ways:
    • Requesting the preparation of a Brazilian Standard – Any interested party established in Brazil may demand a new standard. For this, you must submit a request to the ABNT using this e-mail:
    • Participating in the preparation of a Brazilian Standard – the representatives of the parties interested in the subject matter in question may participate in the meetings of the ABNT Study Committees (CEs) responsible for preparing or revising the standard.

      . The work of these Study Committees can be monitored online via ABNT Livelink.

    • Voting on a Brazilian Standard – When the Study Committee completes the text of the proposal under discussion, it is made available for a National Consultation. At this stage, anyone can vote for approval or rejection of the text, or suggest changes. The National Consultation can be accessed at this link:
    • Periodic review of the content of Brazilian Standards – Each year, the Brazilian Standards that were published five years earlier have their contents analyzed in a process called Systematic Analysis. At this time, a specific National Consultation is carried out with society to assess the need for such standards to be revised, maintained or canceled, at this link:

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