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Primary Contact

Alexander Marion
Executive Director, Nuclear Operations
1776 I Street, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202.739.8000
Fax: 202.533.0164

Organizational Overview

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) was founded in 1994 from the merger of several nuclear energy industry organizations, the oldest of which was created in 1953.

Predecessor Organizations:

The 1994 merger included:

  • Nuclear Utility Management and Resources Council (NUMARC), which addressed generic regulatory and technical issues
  • U.S. Council for Energy Awareness (USCEA), which conducted a national communications program
  • American Nuclear Energy Council (ANEC), which handled governmental affairs
  • the nuclear division of the Edison Electric Institute, which handled issues involving used nuclear fuel management, nuclear fuel supply and the economics of nuclear energy.

More Than 50 Years' Service to the Industry

In 1953, the nuclear industry created the Atomic Industrial Forum (AIF) to focus on the beneficial uses of nuclear energy. This was two years before the international “Atoms for Peace” conference held in Geneva in 1955, marking the dawn of the nuclear age.

In 1987, the industry divided AIF to create NUMARC and USCEA. USCEA originated in 1979 as the U.S. Committee for Energy Awareness.

As the direct successor to AIF, the Nuclear Energy Institute represents more than 50 years' service to the nuclear technologies industry.

Scope of Membership Activity

NEI has over 300 corporate members in 15 countries. They include companies that operate nuclear power plants, design and engineering firms, fuel suppliers and service companies, companies involved in nuclear medicine and nuclear industrial applications, radionuclide and radiopharmaceutical companies, universities and research laboratories, and labor unions.

Scope of Services

NEI focuses the collective strength of the nuclear energy industry that ensures the benficial uses of nuclear energy and related technologies and provides strategic leadership in two areas: 1)enhance the business environment for the safe and relaible operation of existing nucearl power plants, and 2)create the business environment for new-plant deployment.

Specific industry Information

NEI serves the commercial nuclear energy industry.

Standards-related Information

The Nuclear Energy Institute develops publications (briefing materials, newsletters, reports, guidelines and white papers on various policy-level issues (including technical and regulatory issues) that affect the nuclear energy industry. Occasionally, standard development organizations such as IEEE and ASME incorporate the content of select guidelines into standards or cite them by direct reference.

Conformity Assessment-Related Information

Currently NEI has no formal activity in the conformity assessment arena.

Technical Regulations-related Information

The relevant regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over NEI’s industry sector include:

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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