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Key Information

How can I ensure that my company’s perspectives are heard and considered in the development of requirements and policies for my products?

In the U.S., comments are welcomed and considered from all affected stakeholders – including governments, industry, and non-governmental organizations. This also includes comments from foreign stakeholders.

Comments on U.S. Market Access Requirements

Market access includes governmental technical regulations and the conformity assessment measures that the government requires to demonstrate compliance with these technical regulations. If a product fails to meet a market access requirement, it could be denied access to the U.S., or the manufacturer could be fined, imprisoned or face other penalties imposed by the government.

Non-U.S. stakeholders may submit comments on the development of new or proposed U.S. technical regulations (federal- and state-level) through their country’s World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Enquiry Point. Working through the Enquiry Point network will ensure that comments are directed to the appropriate organization in the most efficient manner possible. Comments should focus on technical concerns with the technical regulation.

. Find the contact information for each country’s WTO/TBT Enquiry Point.

. Find guidance on comment submissions on WTO TBT notifications.

In addition, U.S. and non-U.S. stakeholders are welcome to send their comments directly to the U.S. regulatory agency that is issuing the relevant proposed technical regulation.

Comments on U.S. Market Acceptance Requirements

Market acceptance includes the private sector standards and conformity assessment measures that U.S. retailers and consumers expect products to meet above and beyond market access requirements. Failure to meet relevant private sector standards could result in lawsuits, or the unwillingness of U.S. consumers and retailers to distribute, buy, or sell a product or service.

Direct participation is the most effective way for non-U.S. stakeholders to share their perspectives on the development of new or proposed standards.

Most standards developing committees and organizations are open to foreign and domestic stakeholders. Interested parties may also submit comments directly to the relevant standards developing organizations; for example, all American National Standards (ANS) provide a public review and comment period in which U.S. and non-U.S. stakeholder comments are considered and addressed.

. Search for standards developing organizations that actively encourage participation by companies, government officials, and other stakeholders from around the globe.

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