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Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs): Water Quality Association

Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs): Water Quality Association

Primary Contact

Sarah Zrout
Quality Manager
4151 Naperville Road
Lisle, Il 60532
Phone: 630.505.0160
Fax: 630.505.9637

Organizational Overview

The Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal Certification Program is dedicated to providing public health and safety services throughout the USA and globally, while maintaining expert service, superior reputation, and fair pricing. The Gold Seal Program offers product certification for a variety of products that treat or contact drinking water including the following product categories:

  • Residential Drinking Water Treatment Products
  • Commercial and Industrial Drinking Water Treatment Products
  • Plumbing Products
  • Drinking Water Chemical Additives
  • Bottled Water
  • Swimming Pool and Spa components and chemicals
  • Food Safety Equipment

Scope of Conformity Assessment Activity

Accredited by ANSI and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the Water Quality Association provides product Certifications to a variety of industry standards using various certification schemes. WQA's web site lists all certified products per the standard each product has been evaluated against. The following certification schemes are used are used by WQA to certify products. Examples of products that fall under each scheme are also provided.

Scheme 1 Drinking Water Treatment Units: Product examples include residential water softeners, reverse osmosis equipment, water filters, UV systems, distillation systems, shower filters, and ozone generators.
Scheme 2 Drinking Water System Components: Product examples include pipes and fittings, paints and coatings, joining and sealing materials, process media used to treat drinking water, plumbing products used in distribution systems, end point plumbing products including faucets.
Scheme 3 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals: Product examples, coagulation and flocculation chemicals, chemicals for corrosion and scale control, disinfection and oxidation chemicals, fluoridation chemicals, all other direct or indirect chemical that contacts drinking water.
Scheme 4 US EPA WaterSense Program: Product Categories - Faucets, Toilets, Urinals, and Shower Heads
Scheme 5 Bottled Water
Scheme 6 Swimming Pool and Spa
Scheme 7 Food Equipment

International Activities by Region



Simon Ding
Water Quality Association
Shanghai, PRC
Phone: +86-13917861717B


Dr. K. Chandrasekhar
Water Quality Association
New Delhi, India
Phone: +91-9739670392

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