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ICS Code

The International Classification for Standards (ICS) is a convention managed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and used in catalogues of international, regional, and national standards and other normative documents. It is used as a basis for standing-order systems for international, regional, and national standards. It may also be used for classifying standards and normative documents in databases, libraries, etc.

The ICS is a hierarchical classification which consists of three levels. Level 1 covers 40 fields of activity in standardization, e.g. road vehicle engineering, agriculture, metallurgy. Each field has a two-digit notation, e.g.

43 Road Vehicle Engineering

The fields are subdivided into 392 groups (level 2). The notation of a group consists of the field notation and a three-digit group number, separated by a point, e.g.

43.040 Road vehicle systems

144 of the 392 groups are further divided into 909 sub-groups (level 3). The notation of a sub-group consists of the group notation and a two-digit number, separated by a point, e.g.

43.040.20 Lighting, signaling and warning devices

. Standards Portal users can find the ICS Code that applies to their specific area of focus, as well as ISO Standards relating to their Code by visiting the ICS Field Directory.

Instructions for using the ICS Field Directory:

Browse the list of Fields and click on the link for your Field of Activity (e.g. “11 – Health care technology”)

Field of Activity

Next, select the Group which applies to your product or service (e.g. “11.040 – Medical equipment”), and click on the link.

Select Group

If applicable, select the Sub-Group which applies to your product or service (e.g. “11.040.25 – Syringes, needles, and catheters”). When you find your final ICS Code (e.g. “11.040.25”), you can choose to view all published standards, standards under development, withdrawn standards, or all of the above.


The final page will show the ISO Standards and/or projects related to your ICS Code, as well as the relevant Technical Committee.

ISO Standards and/or projects related to your ICS Code

Technical Committee

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