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Patricia Schroeder
Standards Administrator
555 North Kensington Avenue
La Grange Park, IL 60526
Phone: 708.579.8269
Fax: 708.352.6464

Organizational Overview

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) has been an accredited standards developer since March 14, 1985. ANS is a not-for-profit international, scientific, and educational organization. It was established by a group of individuals who recognized the need to unify the professional activities within the diverse fields of nuclear science and technology. December 11, 1954, marks the Society's historic beginning at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. ANS has sinced developed a membership composed of approximately 11,000 engineers, scientists, administrators, and educators representing corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies. There are about 1200 students members, and ANS has established 35 student sections. Approximately 800 members live overseas in 48 countries. ANS currently has 50 U.S. and 8 non-U.S. local sections, 1 affiliated nuclear society, 24 plant branches, and more than 80 organization members. The Society's main objective is to "promote the advancement of engineering and science relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts." Other purposes are to integrate the many nuclear science and technology disciplines, encourage research, establish scholarships, disseminate information, hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of scientific and technical papers, and cooperate with government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations having similar purpose. ANS is governed by three officers and a board of directors elected by membership.

Scope of Standards Developing Activity

The American Nuclear Society Standards Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of standards that address the design, analysis, and operation of components, systems, and facilities involved in or utilizing nuclear technology. The scope of the Standards Committee includes, but is not limited to, the following specific subjects:

  • Nuclear criticality safety
  • Definitions of technical terminology used in the nuclear field
  • Facilities for using radioactive isotopes and remote handling of radioactive materials
  • Research reactors and critical facilities
  • Reactor physics and radiation shielding
  • Utilization of computer programs in the nuclear field
  • Sitting requirements for nuclear facilities
  • Nuclear power plant design, including safety requirements and plant and system criteria
  • Reactor operation and operator training and selection
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Fission product behavior

The Standards Committee does not address standards for the application of radiation for medical purposes. The Standards Committee reviews standards being developed or published by other organizations on related topics to help ensure consistency and needed completeness and to avoid duplication with other standards. The standards developed by the Standards Committee usually are intended to meet the acceptance requirements as American National Standards.

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