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SDO: Portable Generator Manufacturers' Association (PGMA)


Primary Contact

Joseph Harding
Technical Director
1300 Sumner Avenue Cleveland,
OH 44115
Phone: (216) 241-7333
Fax: (216) 241-0105

Organizational Overview

The Portable Generator Manufacturers' Association (PGMA) is a trade association that seeks to develop and influence safety and performance standards for our industry's products. The Association is also dedicated to educating consumers on the safe use of portable generators, and has developed the Take it Outside™ campaign to support its mission. Formed in 2009, PGMA members include major manufacturers of portable generators sold in North America and a significant majority of the industry.

Scope of Standards Developing Activity

PGMA developed the first ANSI-approved safety and performance standard for portable generators which was first released in 2015, called ANSI/PGMA G300, Safety and Performance of Portable Generators. A revision to the ANSI/PGMA G300 standard as released in 2018.

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