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Primary Contact

John Y. Daniels
Executive Vice President
P.O. Box 12215, 1 Davis Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 2215
Phone: (919) 549-8141 x224
Fax: (919) 549-8933

Organizational Overview

AATCC is a technical and scientific society with thousands of individual, corporate and student members in approximately 60 countries world wide. Its members represent a broad spectrum of expertise in textile research, manufacturing, design and marketing. Since its inception in 1921, the Association has been dedicated to three objectives: education, technical applications and research, and communication. The Association is internationally recognized for its standard methods of testing dyed and chemically treated fibers and fabrics to measure and evaluate such performance characteristics as colorfastness to light and washing, durable press, soil release, shrinkage, water resistance and the many other conditions to which textiles may be subjected. New and updated test methods developed are published in the AATCC Technical Manual, of which a Chinese translation is available. The many aspects of textile wet processing are also covered in primers, handbooks, textbooks, and proceedings of AATCC's workshops, symposia, and international conferences, monthly journal, AATCC Review, and monthly newsletter, AATCC News.

AATCC also serves in the international realm as Co-secretariat to ISO/TC38/SC1 - Tests for Coloured Textiles and Colorants and as Secretariat for ISO/TC38/SC2 - Cleansing, Finishing, and Water Resistance Tests.

The Association is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Scope of Membership Activity

Membership is open to anyone interested in the textile industry or the Association's objectives. Individuals, corporations and students enjoy benefits depending on their classification. Discounted dues payments are available for selected nations, of which persons in China are eligible. Local sections allow persons to make contacts and share resources. Student chapters hold meetings and events at colleges and universities.

Corporate members receive a free Technical Manual annually, monthly magazine, free listing of their supplies and services in an Online Buyers Guide, discounted pricing on publications and registration for workshops, symposia or exhibition at the AATCC International Conference.

Members enjoy a monthly magazine, electronic newsletter, access to the Membership Directory, and on-line Article Research. A Technical ListServ provides a discussion forum where persons can post technical questions.

AATCC is also a co-sponsor of the on-line Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics which may be accessed at

Scope of Services

AATCC services are available globally. Workshops, symposia, education and training programs on textile related topics are offered worldwide. Training is held at several companies in Beijing, Foshan, Fujian, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China, who are certified to teach AATCC Test Methods that are used in the textile industry and in commerce.

Publications, training CDs, and quality control materials are available. Technical programs designed to assist textile laboratories are available or in development, including proficiency testing programs for important AATCC test methods and a new UV Calibration Program for properly measuring whites against a traceable standard with a spectrophotometer.

The AATCC Technical Manual contains more than 200 test methods and is now available in Chinese Mandarin.

Research and technology committees develop test methods that influence worldwide commerce and keep abreast of specific topics of importance to the textile and related industries. Technical Committee meetings are held twice yearly, in the Fall and Spring, in Research Triangle Park, NC, to discuss new ideas and develop test methods.

AATCC's International Conference is the world's largest textile-related related technical conference. Educational programs and vendor displays provide numerous opportunities to interact with peers and industry leaders. Educational tracks targeted to professionals interested in Concept 2 Consumer (C2C), Materials, and Chemical Applications issues are presented.

Specific industry Information

AATCC reaches out to anyone interested in textile design, manufacturing, and merchandising sectors of the global textile industry including related dyes and chemical processes, fibrous materials, and related technologies.

Standards-related Information

AATCC began developing and establishing testing procedures in 1921. To date, we have developed more than 200 test methods and evaluation procedures.

AATCC test methods and evaluation procedures focus on biological properties, colorfastness, dyeing properties, identification and analysis, and physical properties.

The AATCC also sells a variety of quality control materials that comply with the specific test method parameters found in the AATCC Technical Manual. Using authentic quality control materials is important to achieving reproducible results with test methods throughout the world. AATCC quality control materials are sold directly to customers through the Association’s website,, or through local resellers. While the Association does not authorize preferred suppliers or distributors, many corporate members of AATCC around the world perform an important service because they keep quality control materials in stock in locations convenient to customers that need them.

Although it is unscrupulous for organizations to misappropriate the intellectual property of AATCC, there is even a greater danger to organizations that purchase and use counterfeit products. The cost to an organization for textile goods that must be returned or rejected due to improper testing greatly outweighs the relatively inexpensive cost of authentic consumable testing materials. Buyers should make sure they are purchasing authentic AATCC quality control materials either directly through AATCC or through reputable resellers of authentic AATCC products, such as corporate members of the Association.

Conformity Assessment-Related Information

AATCC has no formal activity in the conformity assessment arena.

Technical Regulations-related Informatio

AATCC industries are most actively involved with the Federal Trade Commission (FTA) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

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