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Primary Contact

GP Russ Chaney, CEO
4755 E. Philadelphia St, Ontario, CA 91761
Phone: 909.472.4100
Fax: 909.472.4150

Organizational Overview

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) was founded on May 17, 1926, with the mandate “to advance the latest and most improved methods of sanitation; to promote the welfare of and harmony between the owner, the builder, and the craftsman; to accomplish a uniformity in the application of the provisions of the ordinances; and to promulgate the mutual benefit of the members.” The IAPMO Group focuses its comprehensive capabilities in the technical aspects of the plumbing and mechanical industries through its extensive knowledge base, which includes regulators, professional contractors, labor force, and manufacturers.

The founding members of IAPMO first gathered to begin writing a model code to protect the health of the people they served from inept plumbing practices. Since then, IAPMO has grown to be recognized the world over for its Uniform Codes. With offices in 11 states and seven countries, IAPMO has assisted with code development in such diverse places as Saudi Arabia, China, India, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates, and in support of the World Plumbing Council has also worked with the World Health Organization to help bring sound, efficient plumbing systems to developing nations.

Comprised additionally of six different business units, The IAPMO Group is truly the one-stop shop for all plumbing and mechanical code and product compliance.

Scope of Membership Activity

IAPMO coordinates the development and adaptation of plumbing and mechanical codes to meet the specific needs of individual jurisdictions both in the U.S. and abroad. IAPMO develops and publishes the Uniform Plumbing Code® (UPC); Uniform Mechanical Code® (UMC); Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code; and the Uniform Solar Energy Code. In support of these publications, IAPMO works with governmental jurisdictions, professional plumbing contractors, labor force, and manufacturers to produce product standards, technical manuals, personnel certification, educational programs and additional resource publications to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry, as well as the health and safety needs of the public.

The IAPMO Group’s future is equally bright with the commitment to grow core competencies within the code development and product certification arenas. As new products are brought onto the market, IAPMO continues to expand the capabilities of its testing lab to anticipate client needs. By maintaining this leadership position, IAPMO supports research on new and emerging plumbing technologies. As many of the new products and systems are designed with increased sustainability within the built environment, these changes require the codification of plumbing and mechanical system design. With this, the cycle comes full circle: IAPMO’s focused commitment to safe, innovative plumbing and mechanical systems.

Scope of Services

Code Advocacy

IAPMO’s code support is more than just a voice on the telephone. It is the result of years of dedicated experience in helping jurisdictions put in place codes that protect the health of their population. IAPMO Code Support is with you every step of the way, including:

  • Expert testimony during code adoption hearings
  • Assisting in the education of regulators during the implementation process
  • Providing free answers and analysis to Code questions

Most regional field service representatives and IAPMO Support staff are either licensed plumbers or come directly from the code enforcement industry. With their experience, you’re assured of receiving exactly the assistance you require for putting into place the model codes that best fit your jurisdiction’s needs.

Formal Code Interpretations

For verbal clarification, you may call and speak with our code representative at (800) 201-0335. IAPMO offers written clarification through an informal (answers and analysis form) or formal interpretation of the UPC and UMC. You may submit your question online by visiting our Website.

Technical Education Support

IAPMO offers a variety of Plumbing and Mechanical code courses designed to meet the training needs of today’s industry professionals. From code enforcement professionals to contractors and designers, IAPMO provides engaging and practical courses taught by experienced instructors who will help you become a better code professional. With decades of hands-on experience in their areas of expertise, serve as a great resource for facilitating discussions on current issues, problem installations and enforcement—always providing solutions in practical terms.

Specific industry Information

Membership in IAPMO is open to plumbing and mechanical inspectors, engineers, building officials, plumbing and mechanical contractors, manufacturers of plumbing, mechanical and building products, retirees, and anyone else who has an interest in promoting safe and efficient plumbing and mechanical systems. IAPMO members hail from more throughout the US and from many foreign countries including Canada, Germany, India, United Arab Emirates, China, Costa Rica, Scotland, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

IAPMO is dedicated to the professional development and career potential of individuals in the profession of code administration. IAPMO offers a collection of cost effective resources that endeavor to meet the growing professional development needs of code professionals and aim to assist jurisdictions with serving the code professionals on their staffs.

Practical, interactive SEMINARS that are professionally developed and delivered by competent and skilled instructors are available by request or can be attended in public forum. The online learning center offers engaging courses around the clock allowing students to work at their convenience. Job seekers and employers can search the career center for open positions and for qualified candidates to fill them. The certification program offers the means for professionals to demonstrate their technical expertise and gain professional recognition. The certification program also provides jurisdictions a manner in which to identify individuals who possess a comprehensive knowledge of construction codes and standards. The construction trades testing program assists municipalities in identifying individuals who possess the trade knowledge necessary to be licensed to work in their jurisdiction.

Standards-related Information

The main standards used by IAPMO members include:

  • Uniform Plumbing Code
  • Uniform Mechanical Code
  • Uniform Solar Energy Code
  • Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code

Conformity Assessment-Related Information

IAPMO Code Development uses the ANSI Accredited Consensus Process.

International Activities by Region

Oceana R&T

Paul Bonsak,
Managing Director
7-11 Fullard Road
Narre Warren, Victoria 3805
Telephone: (+61) 3 8684 9580
Lab Address
677 Springvale Road,
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia

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Ms. Wu Simin
Room No. 503/504
Bldg C, Fangqun Apartment,
Nansanhuan East Road,
Fengtai District, Beijing. 100078, China
Phone: +86 10 6768 0181

Region-Specific Webpage:


Kannepalli Chandrasekhar,
Managing Director
No.43, PMR Tower
4th floor, Above SBI, Beretena Agrahara
Near Hosa Road Junction, Hosur Main Road
Bangalore – 560 100
Karnataka INDIA
Phone: +91 91 4830 5559

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