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PRC Conformity Assessment System: Conformity Marks Used in China

Conformity Assessment System

In order to demonstrate compliance with certain standards or other requirements, manufacturers often place marks of conformity on their products, which are usually granted by certification or accreditation bodies. In China, there is one mandatory national quality and safety mark and several voluntary marks that are necessary for market acceptance.

CCC Mark

CCC mark Under the law, the CCC Mark is China’s main quality and safety mark. For products listed in the CCC system catalogue, they must possess the CCC label before they are able to be marketed, imported, or sold in China. Only designated certification bodies (DCB’s) can issue the CCC Mark and label for manufacturers for products under their respective scope.

Apply for a CCC Mark

The CCC Mark is administered by the Chinese government agency Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA). The China Quality Certification Center (CQC) is designated by CNCA to process CCC mark applications.

Obtaining the CCC Mark involves an application process to CQC, a designated Chinese certification body. The application process can take 60-90 days and can cost several thousand dollars. Some companies manage the application process themselves while others choose to rely on consultants based both in the US and in China who can handle all aspects of the application process. An overview of the process includes:

  • Application. Submission of an application and supporting materials that include user guides, CB reports, EMC reports, regulatory labels and other information. Click here to access an application.
  • Type Testing. A CNCA-designated test laboratory (DTL) in China will test product samples.
  • Factory Inspection. Representatives will be sent to inspect each factory that produces and ships products to China. If multiple facilities are used for production, multiple inspections will be required. Chinese inspectors will need US Visas to visit US based facilities. Visa delays may slow the CCC mark application.
  • Evaluation of certification results and approval (or failure / retesting)
  • Follow-Up Factory Inspection. Manufacturing facilities for the product will be re-inspected by Chinese officials every 12-18 months.

The last step in the CCC Mark is having the design and application of the CCC logo on the products approved by Chinese testing authorities.


The last step for completing the necessary requirements for the CCC Mark is to apply the mark to the products. The marking requirements are mostly made by different industry authorities. All products sold in China must be marked in the Chinese Language. AQSIQ requires important and exported (but not domestic) food items such as candy, wine, nuts, canned food, and cheese to have labels verified and products tested for quality before a god can be imported or exported.

Waiver / Spare Parts

Certain products may not be required to obtain CCC certification and others may be exempt from the process, according to Announcement No. 8 (2002) from CNCA. Products that are found in the catalogue but meet the criteria listed below are exempt; however, manufacturers must submit an application for a Special Exempt Approval to CNCA with all necessary documents. After a Certificate of Exemption from CCC Certificate is held, the product can be imported, sold and serviced.

Criteria for exemption from CCC certification:

  • Products which are imported / manufactured for R&D and Testing purpose
  • Products being shipped into China for integration into systems only and then re-exporting out of China
  • Products for export only according to the foreign trade contract
  • Components imported for assess the technology of fetching in product line
  • Repairs parts for services to end-user or the repair parts for the EOL products
  • Other special products

Companies should be aware that component parts of a manufacturer's finished products may in some cases require CCC certification; in those cases, the component manufacturer is generally required to apply for the CCC mark. Spare parts and replacement parts shipments may in some cases require CCC certification, or application for an exemption.

Other Marks

There are other marks that different organizations or ministries will require. Check with trade organizations to see what marks you will be required to obtain.

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