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ROK Conformity Assessment System: Conformity Marks Used in Korea

Conformity Assessment System

In order to demonstrate compliance with certain standards or other requirements, manufacturers often place marks of conformity on their products, which are usually granted by certification or accreditation bodies. In Korea, there are a couple different marks that are used in the market.

KS Mark

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As already mentioned, the KS mark indicates conformity with applicable Korean Industrial Standards (KS), and is granted by the certification body, the Korean Standards Association (KSA). In most cases, obtaining the KS mark is a voluntary measure designed to enable manufacturers to enhance their competitiveness and empower consumers by providing information about the quality of products.

KC Mark

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Beginning July 1, 2009, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) implemented a new certification mark, the Korea Certification (KC) Mark. The new KC mark is designed to integrate thirteen certification marks previously required by mandatory certification systems from the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy (MKE) and the Ministry of Labor (MOL). By November 1, 2011, mandatory certifications required by all Korean ministries will use the KC mark.

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The nine certification systems that introduced the KC mark in July 2009 are shown below:

Ministry Related Act and Subordinate Statute Revision Date Implementation Date
MKE Enforcement Rule of the high Pressure Gas Safety Control Act (Decree No.49) Dec. 31, '08 July 1, '09
Energy Use Rationalization Act (Notice)
Labeling Regulations on Energy Consuption Enfficiencies and Ratings for Automobiles (No.08-162) Nov. 11, '08 July 1, '09
Operating Regulations on Officient Management on Equipment and Materials (No.09-26) Feb. 10, '09 July 1, '09
Enforcement Rule of the Electric Appliances Safety Control Act (Decree No.44) Dec. 31, '08 July 1, '09
Quality Management and Safety Control of Industrial Products Act (Decree No.36) Oct. 21, '08 July 1, '09
Enforcement Rule of the Measures Act (Decree No.47) Dec. 31, '08 July 1, '09
Manufacture and Management of Elevators Act (Act No.9384) Jan. 30, '09 July 1, '09
MOL Enforcement Rule of the Industrial Safety and Health Act (Decree No.308) Sep. 18, '08 Jan 1, '09

By introducing the KC mark, KATS hopes to reduce the economic burden caused by duplicate certifications and reduce consumer confusion caused by the various certification markets previously used on products.

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