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The following laws are important to standards and/or regulations in Korea, and are administered by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE). English text of laws is available as noted; otherwise please visit to search all legislation in Korean.

Framework Act on National Standards [enacted February 1999]

The objective of the Framework Act on National Standards, or National Standards Act, is to provide basic requirements that are required to establish the national standards system.

Main contents:

  • Deliberation and adjustment among Korean government Ministries of matters relating to standards (the head of the Deliberation Council is the Prime Minister)
  • Harmonization of Korean Industrial Standards (KS), information and communication standards, measurement standards and technical regulations with international standards
  • Establishment of a conformity assessment system for operation of testing /calibration laboratories and inspection/certification bodies

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Industrial Standardization Act [enacted September 1961]

The objective of the Industrial Standardization Act is to enhance the competitiveness of Korean industry by improving the quality of mining and industrial products and services involving industrial activities, and promoting the efficiency of production.

Main contents:

  • Establishment of KS as the national standards of Korea, allows for their development, revision, and dissemination
  • Operation of a KS certification scheme to enhance the quality of products and to secure the safety of consumers
  • Any necessary harmonization and simplification of major mining and industrial products, parts or materials to secure their compatibility

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Measures Act [enacted May 1961]

The objective of the Measures Act is to implement appropriate measurement practices that comply with metrology criteria.

Main contents:

  • Legal metrology conforming to the international system of units (SI)
  • Type approval and verification for measuring instruments to ensure accurate measurement prior to the delivery of products
  • Self-declaration of conformity, items subject to prepackaged products, allowable errors and labeling methods for prepackaged products

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In addition to the laws above, there are several acts of Korean legislation which apply to specific areas of standards or technical regulations. The table below lists some of these acts.

Standards Related Acts
Quality management certification
Environmental management certification
Information and communication standard
Type Approval certification
Others (Technical Regulations)
  • Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Narcotics Act, Automobile
  • Management Act, Clean Air Conservation Act, etc. (approximately 50 acts)

* Note: English summaries and Korean text of laws provided by the Global Legal Information Network

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