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Resources: Cooperating Organizations For Standards Development (COSDs)


The table below provides a list of the organizations which, as of August 2009, have been designated by KATS as Cooperating Organizations for Standards Development (COSDs), along with some keywords describing their scope of activity. The listing may not be exhaustive; for a complete and up-to-date list of all COSDs, please contact KATS.

. Some COSDs have provided profile pages containing more information on their organizations and scopes of activity. These profiles are linked below.
Acronym Organization Keywords More Info
ERI EMC Research Institute EMC,EMI,EMS
Electromagnetic Susceptibility
Electric,Electric safety
Electromagnetic compatibility,
Electromagnetic interference,
Energy efficiency,
Safety authentication
[Korean only]
Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea Fire safety, fire equipment, reaction to fire testing, fire electricity, fire resistance, construction materials, construction environment COSD Profile
FITI FITI Testing &Research Institute technical textile, clothing, protective clothing & equipment, geosynthetic floor coverings, automotive interiors, hygiene testing, filters, surface analysis, failure analysis, reliability assessment, standardization  
KAMICO Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative agriculture machinery, agriculture industry  
KATRI Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute textile, apparel, geotextile, geosynthetics, test, analysis, research, reliability, standard, KOLAS, KAS, KPS, KC COSD Profile
KCA Korea Crane Safety Association Crane, Construction, Machinery, Tower, Manufacturing, Safety, Technology, Wire rope, Mobile, Jib, Bridge and gantry, Sling, Shackle, Turnbuckle, Crawler, Hoi  
KDA Korean Dental Association Tooth, dentistry, dentist, dental materials, dental instrument, dental equipment, oral care products, ISO/TC 106, Korean standards  
KEA Korea Electric Association Electric installation, wiring, equipment, electric shock ,SPD, Lightning protection, Electro Technical Regulations, Conformity Criteria, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, piping, welding, NDE (non-destructive examination), KEPIC, Nuclear, energy, instrumentation, instrument, radiation, protection, design, fuel, reactor  
KEA Korean Electronics Association Policy suggestion and system improvement related to electronic industry, Export activation support, Standards development, KES(Korea Electronics Show), Electronic industry environment confrontation, ICT(Information, Communication & Technology) statistical research and studies, PL(Product Liability) consultation, Dispute mediation, Global market promotion. COSD Profile
[Korean only]
Korea Energy Appliances Industry Association Energy appliances, boilers, heating system, gas industry, gas testing  COSD Profile
KERI Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute Research on Electrotechnology, Testing of power apparatus, Power transformers, Switchgear and control gear, Circuit breaker, High-voltage testing techniques COSD Profile
KERIS Korea Education & Research Information Service Educational Information, Research Information, ICT in education, e-Learning  
KESI Korea Elevator Safety Institute Elevator, Escalator, moving walkway, Elevator safety, lifts, Inspection for lifts  
KETI Korea Electric Testing Institute Electrical appliances, electronic appliances, electronic equipments, Medical Equipments. Safety test, Testing and certification, EMC, Quality assurance, Performance test  
KICM Korea Institute of  Construction Material Construction, concrete, wood, glass, cement, Construction safety COSD Profile
KIEC Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce eBusiness, e-Business, Electronic Commerce, IT, Information Technology, Electronic Document, Data Management, Data Interchange, e-learning, Record Management COSD Profile
KOCEMA Korean Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association Establishing policy and conducting research for the/ development of the construction equipment industry/
Construction eq of ROK….
COSD Profile
KOFIC Korean Film Council Korean film, korean film industry, Korean film promotion  
[Korean only]
Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute Marine Equipment, Marine technology, ships, Testing, Certification, KOLAS, BWM, MIC  
KOMMA Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association Machine tool, Metal forming, Metal cutting, Press, Wood working, Industrial robot, Lathe, Turning machine, Turning machine, Machining center, Boring machine, Grinding machine, Gear cutting machine, Gear finishing machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Tools, Parts  
K-Petro Korea Institute of Petroleum Management Petroleum Quality, Fuel Quality inspection, Illegal petroleum product, Renewable fuel, Petroleum and Petroleum Substitute Fuel Business Act, Lubricants and Greases Quality Inspection, LPG Quality Inspection, Petroleum Quality Standard, Engine Performance System……. COSD Profile
KSA Korean Standards Association Standardization, Quality Management,
Intelligent transport systems,
Geographic information / Geomatics
KSCIA Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association Specialty Chemical, CFC(Chloro Fluoro Carbon), CWC(Chemical Weapons Convention)  
KT&GCRI Korea Tomorrow &Global Central Research Institute Tobacco, cigarettes, ginseng, red ginseng, smoke, filter, cigarette paper, ginsenoside  
KTL Korea Testing Laboratory Certification, IECEE-CB, IECQ, ANF, safety certification mark, electric appliance test, electric appliance safety certification, K mark, machinery, material, reliability assessment, explosion-proof test, CBTL, wire communication terminal test, energy efficiency test, EMC test, EK mark, fine measurement, chemical analysis, environmental technology, medical device, KOLAS education, environmental pollutant, soil pollution level, environmental facilities COSD Profile
MPI Korea Machinery-Meter and Petrochemical Testing &Research Institute Legal metrological service(type approval, verification, calibration and measuring instrument ), Fan(Ventilator)-related testing and evaluation, Machinery and Lubrication  
[Korean only]
Occupational Safety & Health Research Institute OSHRI, KOSHA, Safety, Health, Safety System Research COSD Profile
TTA Telecommunications Technology Association TTA, TTAS, TTAK, KICS, IT standard, Wibro, DMB, IMT-2000, IMT-Advanced COSD Profile


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